Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tova Schreiber - Righteous Rasha

Luke Ford writes: A Bais Yaakov graduate, Tova Schreiber is finishing her degrees in Economics. She writes the Righteous Rasha blog.

Tova: “I never would consider myself a Bais Yaakov girl… My upbringing was Modern Orthodox. We didn’t eat cholov Yisrael, we listened to rock ‘n’ roll music, we didn’t read the frumie novels. They wanted us to have a normal life. It wasn’t like Judaism needs to be this all-controlling entity that’s going to ruin your life. They wanted us to have fun and they wanted us to be skeptics.”

“I’m the only one in my [Bais Yaakov] class who didn’t go to seminary.”

Prior to Tova’s birth, her mother converted to Orthodox Judaism after a left-wing Protestant upbringing. “My mom is not your typical frum woman. She comes home from work and has a beer. She doesn’t wear a sheitel all the time.”

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